The World Famous Installers Mailing List

What is the Installer Mailing List?

The Installer Mailing List was created in 1996 as the first INTERNET based communications group for professionals in the trade.


The Installer Mailing List is a way for a group of Car Audio professionals

(Car Stereo and Alarm Installers, Store owners, Manufacturers, Tech support people and others in the 'trade')

 to communicate though the 'list'..


When mail for the 'list' is sent it then goes automatically to everyone that is a part of that 'list'. It is sort of like an open forum for discussing anything that interests the list members.


For instance a question could be asked and all of the list members could not only see (and reply) to the question but all of the answers can be seen (and replied to) also.


All of the mail to the list is automatically forwarded to the all of the list members mailboxes with the letters [IML] in the subject line (so you wont get it confused with your regular email)


It isbe a great source of information and some wonderful friendships can be made.


You can actively participate on a daily basis or you can just lurk quietly and absorb what others talk about, either way it is a great asset for you if you share our automotive electronics trade!

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